PROSES INTERSUBJEKTIVITAS PENGUNGSI ANAK (Studi Fenomenologi Komunikasi Interpersonal Pengungsi Anak Korban Tsunami di Meulaboh)

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Universitas Padjadjaran Bandung


The research is conducted to reveal : (1) The socialization process through children center’s activities performed by The Salvation Army to help intersubjectivity recovery of children refugees, (2) The resiliency owned by children refugees in imbalanced situation between the problems faced by lack of available facilities in the refugees camp, (3) The intersubjectivity process of children refugees whose parents had passed away and whose parents are still alive, (4) The intersubjectivity process of children refugees living in the refugees camp, and had been living in relocation houses. The research method applied is interpretive approach, by qualitative research design based on case study. The data collecting technique conducted by indepth interview, participation observation and focused group discussion. The data analysis methods applied are the method and resource triangulation, colleagues examination through discussion and qualitative measuring technique. The result of the research shows that intersubjectivity process occurred in the children refugees life as long as to be in the refugees camp is getting better when the children refugees actively involved in children center’s activities.